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Do you Google yourself regularly?

Want to know what people who don’t know you think they know about you?

Google yourself or your business. You might be surprised to find that a negative review has been posted about your business or service that is turning customers away.

Rather than waste hours monitoring the Internet for bad reviews, as an Online Reputation Management customer, we can monitor for you, saving you time and preserving a positive image for your company online.

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The reality is, a negative review can equal negative revenues. Our professional Online Reputation Management can help.
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Are you in an industry that attracts user reviews?

Many hospitality and service industries, such as hotels, restaurants, medical and legal practitioners, builders, and more, are popular with online reviewers—people who like to use the Internet as a forum to share both good and bad experiences.

These review sites often name you or your company specifically, and as such tend to appear when these details are entered into a search engine. While you may not be able to control what people say online, you can control where it appears in relation to a search about you or your company. By burying negative reviews, potential customers would have to search harder and longer to find them, making them less able to unfairly damage your reputation.

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