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Unfortunately, the Internet allows an immediate and often permanent forum for customer complaints. Such venting is becoming increasingly popular, which has resulted in a significant increase in review websites and blogs that invite such critique.

You don’t have to be a public figure to suffer scrutiny. Anyone can be subject to negative feedback online, and unless that feedback is especially defamatory, it’s highly unlikely that the host of the website or forum will remove it. Instead it remains for all of your customers to see when they search for you or your business.

What our Online Reputation Management service achieves is to offer your business an affordable means of managing your online reputation. With our expert team monitoring and burying negative content deep into the search engine results, your company website remains surrounded by positive reviews and recommendations that cement a positive perception in your customer’s mind.

Don’t be a Victim of Negative Reviews

Few businesses have existed without upsetting a customer for one reason or another, but the reality is, with online technologies, blogs, tweets, and posts, those negative or scathing reviews can remain relatively unedited online, for long periods of time.

You may be able to write to the website owner and ask for the review to be removed, but most—unless it’s defamatory—simply won't do it. Freedom of speech, or opinion in this case, means that almost anyone can write almost anything about your business online for the world to see.

We’ve worked with businesses that have been targeted by upset users, to those who are trying to rebuild their reputation following personnel changes. Rather than be powerless against past critique, with our Online Reputation Management, your business will be empowered to control your online presence.

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