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September 2nd, 2015

Reviews are great but there are many businesses that fabricate reviews and testimonials in order to get your trust.We all know about this and have all seen it before. All I can say it watch out for those fake reviews. I also want to tell you to be on the loo out for fake negative comments or review websites that have fake bad reviews on them. I can honestly say that around 50% of the reviews we see are fake and if you are an online rep expert like us, you can spot them a mile away.

Don't trust all negative reviews!


Businesses in an effort to pretend they are something they are not will either post positive reviews about themselves online or get their friends to do it for them. It’s super easy to do and this has opened up a whole trust issue thing with reviews and testimonials. Basically, most people don’t trust them anymore.

I am writing this post because I just visited a website when I typed in the keywords: ‘SEO Sydney’ and there was this one company that had a reviews navigation button on their home page. Out of curiosity I clicked on this and to my surprise there were about 100 reviews ( I am not joking – these guys went to the effort of writing 100 fake reviews) all written by some copy writer and guess what? They each had a 5 star review. DAH! How fake is this. The worst point about this is that this company has a notoriously bad reputation for SEO so they are putting these reviews up there in order to offset any negative publicity they have had online. It’s a real joke reading these reviews as they are so blatantly fraudulent that anyone reading these has got to see right through it.

Sure there will be the odd sucker that doesn’t see through this scam but most internet savvy people will be able to look at this and see it for what it really is; an absolute and outright lie. In fact these companies are publishing lies and expecting us to swallow them. Well, all I can say is be on the look out for this and be well aware that this type of behaviour exists.

This leads me to another area and that is the publishing of fake negative comments about people, brands and businesses. There are heaps of websites out there and it’s as simple as a click away to really do some damage to some peoples reputation. I know of one particularly bad website called: Rip Off Report where anyone with a grudge or resentment can post something negative and this site will publish it without any qualms. They are more than happy to really hurt the good reputation of a business by posting this type of fake negative comments. If you come across this site you must take everything you read on there with a dose of healthy scepticism.  I can almost guarantee you that 9 out of 10 times these reviews are fake. Their business model is great. You have to pay them a small fortune to get rid of the review. It’s a horrible site and if you visit it you will see millions of damaging comments.

In nay case they are there online and available for anyone to read. It doesn’t matter if they are fake or not, they are there and it can plant seeds of doubt in prospective customers. Good reviews do not mean much, but a negative one is a real cause for concern. People zero in on these and this can mean the difference between getting a new client or loosing them.

This is why as a business owner you need to take action against any negative review. Let us help you push those nasty comments off page 1 of Google now. Whether fake, real, nasty or negative we can manage the lot for you.

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