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March 12th, 2015

One nasty or malicious review can plant the seed of doubt in the mind of the consumer. This is why I thought as a member of the Hopping Mad Designs review team, that I would go over reasons why you need to be aware of the online reputation environment and how negative reviews can harm a business. If you have a business and you offer a product or a service then you could possibly at any stage be the target on an online review. Anyone is able to write a review on any subject about who ever they like and for this reason you must be on guard and vigilant like we are here at Hopping Mad Designs review department about our online reputation.

So What is an Online Review?
A review can take many forms, but the most common ones are comments on blog posts, review websites ( like Trip Advisor), where individuals can write about the experience they have had when interacting with your company. This is where the real danger kicks in as people can really write or post whatever they like and this can have severe ramifications or consequences for all businesses. No one is except and reviews cross all boundaries. All you need is one person, who may have had the slightest small negative experience and all they need to do is write a post outlining their thoughts and the rest is history. This gets viewed by anyone who cares to Google information about this company and what they read can leave an impression.

Just think about how bad this could be for a doctor for example. A disgruntled patient who may have been kept waiting for a little too long and they are going to vent their anger online. Now you must remember that this person can write anything they like without any rules or censorship and this content is there for the world to see. And a point to note, this content will stay visible for a very long time. The extent to how damaging this can be cannot necessarily be measured but all I can say as a review expert of Hopping Mad Designs is that once you plant the seed of doubt, this can lead to a person questioning whether they will do business with your firm or trust your service.

Imagine a specialist doctor who has a bad review about them from a patient that has said that they were mistreated. This is alarming and can absolutely wreck a reputation overnight. Think about other businesses that could be harmed by this type on negative online publicity; sports people, hotels,  small businesses, restaurants, the list is endless and all it takes is just a few words and the rest is, as you can imaging, horrible.

This is why you need to be on guard, like we are here at Hopping Mad Designs for any bad reviews or negative comments that people have to say about you online. We are always on the look out for what people have to say about us and are extremely quick to mitigate any potential issues resulting from malicious or untrue comments. One must remember that high profile businesses who are successful will have competitors that are looking at ways to destroy and tarnish reputations without any substance backing their claims up. They do this because the internet allows then to do this and gives them the tools and ready access to write false, fictitious claims against any business they see as a threat. Or want to have a hand in, in destroying their good name. At Hopping Mad Designs review department we see this all the time and have to get right in there and help restore the reputation and good name of many a business. It is way more common than you think and the trend as we see it, just continues to rise.

So, what is the best prevention against negative PR online? The first thing one needs to do is get in touch with an online reputation management company like us at Hopping Mad the moment you spot anything bad written personally about you or about your business.  We can look at how severe the damage is and offer constructive advice and implement lasting solutions that will protect your name online. If you act swiftly you can generally stem the tide of negative publicity, but if you leave it to fester and get worse then it can be harder to clean up in the long run. Remember, that if people see 1 negative comment then other people can add to this and give their opinion and this is what you don’t want to happen. Ideally you MUST bury that piece of nasty gossip well away from page 1 of Google is a speedy manner.  If you think you can bury your head in the sand and hope it will go away then you are living under a false impression. It just won’t happen., Like a rotten piece of cancer it needs to be looked at immediately and cut out! What needs to be done is you need to bury the online PR so deep within the search engines that no one will find it.

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