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Online Reputation Management is critical to protecting you, your business, brand and your companies professional image and reputation online. In today’s search-centric society, it’s very likely that most of your potential customers will do their research online by conducting a search, prior to contacting you. If you think this doesn't happen then think again!

It's very common and people are looking you up online before they engage your services.

What they will find on the first few pages of Google could have a large impact on whether they will perceive you to be a trusted professional or service. Most businesses want their customers to search for them, but if customers find negative reviews, or comments their search could do more damage to your reputation than good.

Online Reputation Management Help can assist, by protecting your reputation online. We believe our Online Reputation Management service is one of, if not the most valuable asset available to protect your brand or reputation in today’s Internet savvy society.  One of the most important things you can do for your name is to protect it online and if there are any negative comments, you really need to suppress these FAST! We have been able to help the reputation of a major tourist accommodation website called Family Friendly Villas in Canggu . The tousrist industry can prove fatal for the business if there are any negative reviews, especially if they are fake - which is often the case. Plus we even helped a Surf Charter Mentawais Travel website.


What is Online Reputation Management?

Similar to how our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service enables your content to achieve high-ranking search results, our Online Reputation Management service offers the reverse for negative online material or bad reviews

If you’ve received a poor review, or noticed nasty, malicious comments, it could be costing your company customers and a lot of money. Once identified, we are able to ‘bury’ these negative reviews and comments so deep that the majority of users won’t be able to find them. Basically, we get rid of itand this is the basis of online reputation management.

We know what it takes to completely get rid of negative or nasty comments about your business on Google and have been working with companies throughout Sydney & Australia, protecting their reputation online for many years.

At Online Reputation Management Help Sydney, we help you recover from negative reviews and nasty comments about your business online!


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One of our best selling products ( mens health ) got an extremely negative review for no reason what so ever. All our products are approved in clinical trials and there is absolutely no foundation for this slanderous online attack of our product.
We have entrusted Steve and the team at online rep help to monitor all online publicity, giving us confidence that our good name and brand is now protected.

Manager Pharmaceutical Company

I work in a very sensitive area of women's health and after one disgruntled patient decided to air her grievances about my rates and service on a medical blog I have noticed that my patient numbers have declined.
I would like to that ORM Help for their hard work in protecting my good name and ensuring articles like this are never seen by the viewing public.

Medical Specialist

As a real estate agent my name is every thing and after the sale of one property went bad, the vendor decided to publish some very nasty comments about me online. Steve and the team from Online Reputation Management Help managed to bump the article from page 1 of google in less than 2 months. What a relief!.

Real Estate Agent

Reviews can make or break my business. One unhappy patron through no fault of ours , decided to write a very critical article about our food on a prestigious , well read food forum. This article was sitting right under our website on page one of Google when some searched for us online. Thanks to the team at Online Reputation Management Help I can rest easy that they are looking after my best interest online and ensuing that articles like this are very well hidden.

Restaurant Owner

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Watch Out for Fake Reviews

Reviews are great but there are many businesses that fabricate reviews and testimonials in order to get your trust.We all know about this and have all seen it before. All I can say it watch out for those fake reviews. I also want to tell you to be on the loo out for fake negative comments or review websites that have fake bad reviews on them. I can honestly say that around 50% of the reviews we see are fake and if you are an online rep expert like us, you can spot them a mile away.

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Hopping Mad Designs Reviews Online Reputation Management

One nasty or malicious review can plant the seed of doubt in the mind of the consumer. This is why I thought as a member of the Hopping Mad Designs review team, that I would go over reasons why you need to be aware of the online reputation environment and how negative reviews can harm a business. If you have a business and you offer a product or a service then you could possibly at any stage be the target on an online review. Anyone is able to write a review on any subject about who ever they like and for this reason you must be on guard and vigilant like we are here at Hopping Mad Designs review department about our online reputation.

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6 Step Process to Online Reputation Management

Great very positive online reviews and comments about your business or website is probably one of the best ways to generate revenue, sales inquiries and all round boosting your brand. The better the reviews, the more positive the comments, the better off you will be. It’s a no brainer and Sydney, Melbourne in fact all Australian businesses absolutely love rave reviews! It really doesn’t matter which industry your are in. Reviews cut right through and can have a huge influence on consumer buying patterns. In fact, over 75% percent of online potential clients will search online before deciding to deal with you and if there are some NOT SO NICE comments or articles, then this could prove a MASSIVE problem.

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